Monday, June 7, 2010


I got my pathology results today. The surgery was a success and they got everything! What a blessing! I can guarantee I will be doing some pretty thorough skin checks from here on out, just to be safe. Thanks for the prayers and words of encouragement. Now I'm looking forward to walking normal again and wearing shoes that are NOT crocs:). It'll be a while!

(Note to my buddy, Jace...thanks for your concern! I promise I'm fine. I can't wait to see you play ball. Keep me updated on how you're doing!!)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Post surgery

I had surgery on Thursday, June 3rd. We should have final pathology results tomorrow. I owe big thanks to Dr. Sewell and his amazing nurse, guys are awesome! I'm going to be hurting for quite a while...thank goodness for amazing drugs:) My mom watched the surgery and said she quit counting at 50 stitches, so I'm not sure how many are in there. I know quite a few are between my toes, which you can't really see in this picture.
The running stitch at the base of my toes is where Dr. Sewell cut a piece of skin out, flipped it around, and grafted it between my toes to fill the hole he cut out. Pretty amazing stuff!

**As a sidenote, I promise my toes are not usually THIS fat...they are pumped full of Lidocaine.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May was just "one of those months"

Two weeks ago I decided to paint my toenails, which is something I usually pay someone else to do for me. I think I've only painted them one other time and I realized it takes talent to paint your own toenails and have it actually look good when you're done. So...out of desperation, I decided to do it so I could wear my sandals. Any of you who live here in Idaho know we've only had a few days where it's been warm enough to even attempt sandals.

As I was painting along, I noticed this brown freckle-looking spot between my 3rd and 4th toes on my left foot. My first thought was, "man, that is gross to have dirt stuck between your toes". So, I rubbed and scratched to try and get it off, to no avail. Then, I decided to try and scrape it off with my tweezers...which didn't work either. Being a nurse in a Dermatology office, I knew that dark spots between the toes can sometimes be bad, especially if they are new. As far as I knew, the spot wasn't there when I had my toenails done to go to Florida in January.

Last Monday morning when I got to work, I had our Dermatology P.A. look at it with the dermlite to see what he thought. He recommended a biopsy because it had some irregular features. So, that afternoon he did a punch biopsy between my toes and sutured the site together. Let me tell you that stitches between your toes is not the funnest thing I've ever had. Plus, it was quite painful for a week or so.

On Thursday, I got my pathology report back. What I thought for sure was going to be a mole, actually was Melanoma. I was SHOCKED! I'm so blessed to work in a Dermatology office and know that when I saw the spot, it needed to be checked out! It is usually Melanoma's that aren't noticed that kill people VERY quickly! (I know that had I not decided to paint my toenails that day, it probably would have been too late by the time I found it).

So, this Thursday I get to have surgery on my foot. Dr. Sewell, one of the amazing doctors I work with, is going to cut quite a bit of skin and tissue off of my foot and between my toes. He will then send it off to be read by the Dermatopathologist at EIRMC who will let us know if the Melanoma is in-situ or if it has spread.

I am not looking forward to surgery at all! I know it is going to be very painful and will take quite a while to heal! But, I know I am in the hands of the one of the best surgeons around. I don't know why I've had to face my own mortality on two separate incidents this month, but it's definitely helping remember what is truly most important in life!

I'm posting a picture of my "spot" before it was biopsied so you can all see that sometimes very "innocent" looking spots can be not-so innocent! Melanoma's can appear ANYWHERE on your don't have to have sun exposure to get it, because heaven knows the sun has not hit the skin between my toes.

My advice...take a few minutes and look yourself over, thoroughly for any new or changing spots and get them checked out! It's better to be safe than sorry!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tender Mercies

Last Saturday, May 1st, Rob, Connor, Tyler and I set out for a day of watching Connor play some baseball in Roy, UT. Tyler had just got his driver's permit and we thought this would be a great time for him to get some "highway driving experience". Little did we know the "experience" we would all have that morning. We were just a few miles south of Idaho Falls following a truck pulling a boat when the truck made a sudden turn to the right. Tyler thought the truck must be having some trouble, so he moved into the passing lane on Interstate 15. In the process of moving over, a huge brown object appeared in our path. Tyler swerved to miss what appeared to be a big log and overcorrected. We slid into a milemarker pole and went airborn. The car landed on the rear driver's side before rolling through a fence and into a big field.

I remember vividly knowing we were going to crash. The next thing I knew, I looked up to see people running toward our car. It all seems like a big blur now. Glass was everywhere and the world seemed to be moving in slow motion. I think the sound of Connor screaming is what finally brought me out of it. I looked over to see my precious 8 year old's head stuck between the side airbag and the plastic liner where the airbag deployed. By then, people had reached the car and were asking if we were alright. Rob rushed out of the car to check on Tyler who was very distraught by this time. A man helped me move Connor's head and he was screaming that his right arm hurt. I focused my attention on Connor and tried to soothe and comfort him. At this time I realized that the sweetest woman was talking to and comforting Tyler. This was when the magnitude of what had happened started to sink in.

We had rolled off of I-15 doing 75 mph. and we were all alive! We were surrounded by "angels" who had witnessed the accident and were doing everything they could to ensure we were OK. An off-duty EMT was there within a minute or two. An Army medic was right behind him. They were assessing our injuries, but most of all, I think they were all astounded at the fact we were all alive and talking with them. The police and ambulance were there quite quickly and they helped us all walk to the ambulance. Rob and Tyler had a few scratches and cuts from the glass, but were OK. Connor's right arm was only slightly bruised. I was sitting behind Tyler in the area of the car that we landed on after becoming airborn. I had two huge bumps on the back of my head where I also had a few scrapes, scratches and bald spots from the impact ripping my hair out. I got a pretty severe case of whiplash and a nice sized gash on my left arm. But, all in all, we are very blessed and doing well.

I want to share with you a few of the "tender mercies" that my loving Heavenly Father showed my family and I that day:

1 - As we were sliding and I knew we were going to crash, I had an overwhelming peace come over me. I've heard people talk about their "lives passing before their eyes". Luckily, I didn't experience that. But, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Heavenly Father reached out His loving hand on our little Hyundai as we flipped and rolled. He protected us! He also put a calming spirit on me that I KNEW everything was going to be OK, and it was.

2 - The Idaho State Trooper that responded to our accident was an acquaintance from high school. He was wonderful with my terrified 15 year old son. He helped calm him and reassured him that there was nothing he could have done to prevent what had happened. Tyler really needed comfort at that time. This officer went above and beyond his duty to ensure that we were all OK, even following up with us the next day, just to check in. I know that it was meant for him to be on duty, in that area of I-15 on that particular morning.

3 - Just before we pulled out of the driveway that morning, Tyler insisted we have a word of prayer before traveling. I know he was inspired to lead his family by example. He asked for the Lord's hand to help us travel safely. I will forever be thankful for his strength and faith when I honestly, was in such a hurry to get on the road that I didn't think of it.

4 - I learned very quickly how fast life can change. Things could have turned out so different that morning. Our family could have experienced some tremendous injuries and death in a short instant! Thoughts still plague my mind of how would I ever handle it if something happened to my sweetheart or my children. Would they know that I loved them beyond measure? Would they know I have a strong testimony of the gospel? Had I done everything I could possibly do to prepare them in this life? Needless to say, even though I would never wish this upon anyone, my life changed that day! My family changed that day! We were taught a lesson on how important this life and our eternal family are. We are more focused on what really matters. We are more kind, loving, and understanding of each other. We constantly say "I love you". We have turned our lives to be more centered on the Savior and our preparation to live with Him again. Tender mercies? Miracles? You bet!

5. There are many more, but I have to share one in particular:
We were surrounded by many anonymous angels that morning in the middle of a field on the side of a busy highway. Most of them I will never know or get to thank for their help. But, we were blessed to meet some very special "angels". One of the first cars to stop was a family from Rexburg, who happened to be on their way to watch their 8 year old play baseball in Utah also. The mom was the first person to Tyler that morning. She knew I was hurt and overwhelmed so she stepped into my shoes and mothered my son in a very terrifying time. She talked to him. She comforted him. She held him. And, she loved him. She helped to calm him and made sure he was wrapped in a warm blanket as we waited for help. The dad was there to help Connor. He talked to him about baseball as he comforted him. He helped comfort me. He was the first to notice I was bleeding everywhere and he made sure my arm got bandaged up. These "angels" waited while we were all assessed in the ambulance. I watched them out of the back window of the ambulance and happened to remember their license plate number. They eventually left, and we then realized that Tyler was still wrapped in their blanket.

That night I had my brother (a Rexburg Police Officer) look up their license plate number so I could get their blanket back to them. Aaron went to their home and reassured them we were all OK. The next day we took the blanket and a plate of cookies to their home to thank them for their love and help. This wonderful family welcomed us in their home and we talked about the accident. The parents, Matt and Amy, introduced us to their boys, Jace and Hayden. It was about then that I noticed that Jace was sporting some pretty new growth on his head and his mom informed us that he had been diagnosed with Leukemia and was just starting his maintenance chemotherapy.

I found myself overwhelmed with the fact that what I experienced in just a few short seconds, the fear of losing a member of my family, was a constant fear for Amy. This family had spent the past months fighting cancer in their adorable 8 year old son. My trials and tribulations suddenly became minuscule. I was overwhelmed with gratitude! This dear, sweet family had so lovingly and unselfishly comforted ours. I know this family was placed at our accident to comfort us. We soon discovered that Jace had insisted that Tyler use his blanket that had comforted him through chemo treatments. He didn't even think twice about it. What a special boy! So, we made some pretty great friends that day!

This past weekend we watched Jace score his first run of the season since his diagnosis. I watched his mom cheer with tears flowing down her cheeks and I is so precious. We have to make every minute count, and most important, we need to recognize the "tender mercies" we are blessed with every day!

(On a side note: my neighbor emailed me last night to tell me she had just read her friends' blog and it talked about us and the accident. It happened to be Amy's blog. I read her post with tear filled eyes. If you get a minute, you really should read it:

Here are a few pictures of the car:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is it REALLY that cold?

I'm updating the blog. Yes, hell has officially frozen over and it's really cold!! I had the delusion that after graduation I would have so much more time to blog...WRONG! But, this week I only had to work two days and now I'm off until next Monday...yay for Holiday weekends:) I planned on sleeping in this morning until my sister Katie called from Florida at 6:45 a.m..."Oh, I thought you'd be getting ready for work..." and an hour and a half later we hung up and I decided I might as well get started on my day. Love ya Kate!! I will get even with her as soon as she has her baby and is up all night:).

Life at the Martin house is flying by! We're always running and trying to catch up. Who would have thought raising four boys would be so chaotic? Here's a short update:

Rob: Job is going great and he's working hard...just completed a huge project at the hospital. Young Men's keeps him busy along with working in the basement and in the yard.

Trish: Loving my new job and work with amazing, fun people who keep me laughing all day long! Two weeks post back surgery and slowly recovering...nice to not be in constant pain...hard to obey Dr's orders of "light" duty:)

Tyler: Finished Cross Country, started daily workouts w/the wrestling team, so excited for snowboarding and getting his braces off.

Tristan: Glad the trimester is over, had some "horrible" teachers (got to love that!), excited for snowboarding to start, loving his Art class at school.

Kaden: Got new glasses, now a Webelo, still loves playing the Wii and his GameBoy, so excited to see Aunt Cathy, Aunt Bonnie, Grandma and Grandpa Martin, Uncle Steve, Aunt Katie, Boston, Charlie, and new baby Lyla when we go to Florida in January.

Connor: Made the area club baseball team, started indoor (year-round) baseball practices and is excited to travel with the team starting in March, excited to try snowboarding this winter.

We are all excited for Thanksgiving dinner at Grandmas and putting up the Christmas decorations this weekend.

I'd like to say I'll do better with the blogging...not making any promises!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grandma & Grandpa's 60th Wedding Anniversary

The last weekend in July we spent the day in Ashton celebrating my Grandparent's 60th Wedding Anniversary. It was great to see cousins that I haven't visited with in years! My Grandparents have built a new home on the Ashton Reservoir and it is so nice and relaxing there. The view is amazing of the Teton Range. I'm so blessed to still have my Grandparents here and that my children are getting to know their Great-Grandparents. I look up to them and their example of 60 years of marriage! Way to go Norman and Carol:)

Tristan and Aly playing on the same swingset I played on as a little girl with my Grandpa. It's really, really OLD:)

Grandma Park talking with Annie

My Uncle Charles is always great at entertaining the kids. This year he brought up a rocket that they shot off numerous times. My boys love Uncle Charles so much...he is always taking them on adventures and carving walking sticks while hiking with them.

Getting the rocket ready to launch!

Florida Vacation

Rob and I celebrated our 17th Wedding Anniversary with a trip to Florida. Rob had a conference for work, and I basically slept and relaxed for 10 days. It was great! We spent lots of time in the sun and playing in the pool and ocean. Plus, it was nice to get away just the two of us. Thanks Mom for watching the boys for us!!

We flew into Orlando and went to the Orlando Temple on our first day. The temple and grounds are absolutely beautiful there.

We had lunch at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. The food was great, but the atmosphere was so much fun. We watched the indoor volcano erupt and loved watching the trained parrot.

We spent two days at Universal Studios Orlando. Of course, the entire time we were thinking, "Man, the boys would love this..." but, we had a great time. Here we are with Shrek. Notice the rained EVERY day! Not just normal rain, but flooding rain. So, we spent a lot of time in our ponchos with soaking shoes.

The Jaws ride was pretty entertaining. Here is Rob up close and personal with the "big guy" himself.

This was probably the funnest ride of the entire park. It's a huge roller coaster that ends with an amazingly long drop right into the water. I loved it! Too bad the line was about an hour long to ride it or we would have done it a few more times. We also spent an evening at Downtown Disney where we ate dinner at Gloria Estefan's Latin restaurant "Bongos" (sooo yummy!) and also toured the travelling Princess Diana display. It was awesome to see so many of her treasures and beautiful gowns. I learned so much about her and her life. This was probably one of the highlights of the trip for me. If you ever get a chance to see it, DO!

This is my amazing sis-in-law Cathy! After spending five days in Orlando we drove down to Ft. Lauderdale to visit family. We spent a day in the Florida Keys snorkeling with Cathy. What a blast! I have some really awesome pictures of the snorkeling that I will post later! I am so lucky to have awesome sisters-in-law! Cathy always makes me laugh and she is one of the most kind, giving people I know. Thanks for the great times Cath!

On our way out to the reef to snorkel, we passed numerous multi-million dollar homes on the beach. Some day when I grow up I want to live in one:)

After snorkeling we had lunch at an amazing seaside restaurant. The food was delish and the view was awesome!

Here are my sisters-in-law Bonnie and Cathy. We stayed at their house while in Coral Springs. They have a beautiful home and a pool! The beautiful woman in the center is Rob's mom Micky. It was great to visit with family.

Here is my bro-in-law Stephen, my father-in-law Len and Rob.

We spent our last day in Ft. Lauderdale at the beach with my sister Katie and her two boys Boston and Charlie. Boston and Rob had a blast swimming in the ocean.

Katie, Boston and Charlie at the beach.

We are planning on taking the boys to Florida in January or February to visit! I can hardly wait to be back at the beach enjoying the sun!

Rob with his wonderful parents!